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Land Law

The main types of works and services undertaken by our company in the land administration:

  • Advice on land relations;
  • Inventory of lands of all categories;
  • Setting limits of land tenure and ownership on district;
  • Drafting of new and accomplishment of existing land tenure and use;
  • Registration of documents, which certify the ownership of the land or the right of permanent use of land;
  • Registration of servitude agreements, leases, superficies, perpetual lease;
  • Legal support of transactions with land;
  • Preparation of land cadastral documentation;
  • Developing of projects of land diversion in the ownership or use (including lease), transfer in nature (on district) boundaries withdrawn (redeemed), and set aside land (except the topographic-geodetic and cartographic work);
  • Developing of technical documentation for the preparation of acts of state ownership of land and the right of permanent use of land, contracts for the right of temporary use of land (including lease) and lease of land (except the topographic-geodetic and cartographic work);
  • Developing of land management projects to change the purpose of land;
  • Solution of land disputes in the course of statue-established;
  • Implementation of all types of mediatorial activities in the field of land relations;
  • Solution of other issues in the field of land relations within its competence.


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