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Licenses and permits

We will help you in receiving of the following licenses and permits needed to start and further work of your company in the Ukrainian market:

  • building activities;
  • mining operations;
  • trade of products made of precious metals and precious stones;
  • wholesale, retail trade of medicines;
  • wholesale, retail trade of pesticides and agrochemicals (only a plant growth regulators);
  • delivery of natural gas to the regulated and unregulated fares;
  • supply of electricity for the regulated and unregulated rates;
  • carrying out disinfection, desinsection, deratization works;
  • medical practice;
  • accordance of services concerning transportation of passengers and goods by road, air, river and sea transport;
  • storage, recycling of scrap metals and nonferrous metals;
  • collecting, harvesting of certain types of waste as secondary raw materials;
  • operations in the sphere of hazardous waste;
  • design, installation, maintenance of fire protection;
  • accordance of services relating to the protection of public and other property, accordance of services concerning the protection of citizens;
  • tour operator and tour agency business;
  • activities of arbitration managers ( property managers, readjustment managers, liquidators);
  • mediation in employment for work abroad;
  • carrying out work relating land management, land assessment and land auctions;
  • wholesale seeds;
  • activities associated with the production, sale of fireworks.

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