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Advice on Banking Law


Group of lawyers who specialize in the sphere of banking law, provides a full range of legal services to banks, financial institutions and other clients who work in the capital markets.

Legal Services of our company on banking law include:

  • advice on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of banks and other financial institutions;
  • legal advice and legal support solutions of the regulatory issues in banking law (to receive licenses to newly established banks or prolonging the period of validity of licenses of existing banks, the increase of bank capital, etc.);
  • support of operations with debt securities, exchange of promissory notes on corporate rights (shares);
  • legal assistance in opening bank accounts in national and foreign currencies;
  • representation of interests in negotiations with banks and other financial institutions for credit, credit lines, letters of credit, obtaining bank guarantees and others;
  • analysis and preparation of contracts for cash and computation services, credit agreements and other banking instruments;
  • legal support for mortgage lending;
  • legal assistance in the field of currency regulation in the banking system;
  • judicial decision of disputes relating to banking and currency legislation.

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